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Personal Training & Body Transformations near Hyde Park Estate

Located in the heart of Chelsea, Old Brompton Road is home to our newest personal training, body transformation and small group fitness studio. Just steps away from Earl's Court tube station, escape to our 2,000 square foot, indoor-outdoor state-of-the-art facility and experience the best in mindful fitness and training. Your new proving ground has arrived.
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Personal Training

Dedicated to personal training & body transformations

Personal training & body transformations

Achieve your desired results with Terra Hale’s personal training and body transformation programmes. Powered by London’s best trainers, move beyond the traditional fitness experience and go 1-on-1 with holistic training tailored to your specific objectives. Whether your goals involve weight loss, muscle-building, injury recovery, or increased wellness, our trainers get you there.

For those with more aggressive goals, Terra Hale’s structured body transformation programmes empower each client with a custom plan that’s all about accountability and whole-body wellness.

Our personal trainers are available by appointment only at any time of the day — when you’re ready to train, so are we.

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Personal Training

Dedicated to personal training & body transformations

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eco-spin spin class for a high-octane workout

Small Group Fitness

Looking to complement your personal training or simply love working out with others? Level up your fitness journey with Terra Hale’s indoor-outdoor small-group fitness classes that bring the challenge and the fun back to your wellness routine.

Nutritional Coaching

Harness the knowledge and experience of dieticians and nutritionists to help you fast-track your body’s adaptation to a healthier, stronger and fitter you. Terra Hale’s nutritional coaching provides you with personalised meals and juices to supplement your body’s new dietary requirements. It’s all part of our holistic approach to fitness.

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Private Studio

Featured classes diet coaching

Nutritional Coaching

Featured classes women only gym

Personal Coaching

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Small Group Fitness

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Andrey roussevandrey roussev
15:55 18 Oct 23
Feels like I'm outdoors, and they have the est personal trainers I've ever tried, no doubt about it. If you want to actually transform your body, Terra Hale is the way to go.
Danielle lebovitsDanielle Lebovits
08:34 15 Aug 23
Had the best personal training session with Denis! He was extremely helpful with form, while pushing me just the perfect amount!
Cansu kabarCansu Kabar
19:33 28 Jul 23
Great place to workout, best trainers! The first thing I did after moving to London was going to a trial class at Terra Hale and the rest is history 🙂 Love you guys!
Henry liHenry Li
12:43 19 Jul 23
Having a great gym facility is an absolute must, especially when it comes with fantastic trainers. Special shout-outs to Denis and Viliam for always being friendly and helpful. You all make my personal training experience truly enjoyable each time!!
Giulia cafaroGiulia Cafaro
13:24 16 Jun 23
I spent a month at Terra Hale and I had the best time. Denis has changed the way I train. The change even in just one month was tangible, I worked muscles I didn't think I had! I learned how to perform the exercises correctly, with the right posture and gained physical and mental benefits. Thanks to the professional and attentive teaching I am now able to perform the work out on my own. I highly recommend it to everyone as learning how to train correctly, with a work out tailored just for you, changes everything. I can't wait to go back !
Amelie carstensAmelie Carstens
20:40 14 Mar 23
Had a fantastic session today! I am not one for the gym but felt really supported throughout and now feel amazing! I will definitely be booking in lots more sessions. Couldn't recommend these guys enough!
Simon quinnSimon Quinn
18:52 06 Mar 23
As my 50th loomed I decided to up my fitness level and try and get back into shape. I had become quite lazy and found it hard to get motivated. Michal and his team at Terra Hale gave me the push I needed. Michal has given me loads of advice on my fitness journey and pushes me that bit further. It helps he has a great sense of humour so working out is fun. I’ve changed my mindset towards health and fitness and have been enjoying PT sessions at Terra Hale for over 4 years now.
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Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe.