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London’s first eco-friendly fitness destination. We offer bespoke personal training and body transformations with a mindful eye on wellness and Mother Nature

Our Location
Dedicated to personal training & body transformations

SW6 - Fulham Road

Dedicated to personal training & body transformations

W11 - Notting Hill Gate

Dedicated to personal training & body transformations
Notting hill

Notting Hill

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Personal training in fulham


SW5 - Old Brompton Road
Dedicated to personal training & body transformations
SW6 - Fulham Road
Dedicated to personal training & body transformations
Notting Hill
W11 - Notting Hill Gate
Dedicated to personal training & body transformations
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Other fitness centers may boast of being “sustainable” but Terra Hale has truly solid environmental credentials across all fronts that transform the face of fitness. We put sustainability and wellness at the core of everything we do.

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Personal training in fulham
Beyond workouts, we embrace a lifestyle in harmony with nature in the arm of Terra Hale. Our one-stop ecosystem breathes Earth & supports the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. It’s a funnel with multiple services offering top to bottom.
Groundbreaking eco-friendly fitness destination, will strengthen your body and mind and inspire you to reach new fitness levels.  
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Mike caprii
Mike Caprii
I've done a lot of personal training in my life. Working with different trainers for my dancing and other work. These guys are the best personal trainers around. Super professional and they really make a difference, especially in the UK. Great people and they get you working hard and doing things you wouldn't do on your own or with ya gym buddies. Definitely made a difference in my life and I'll always try and go back to these guys and stay in touch. I can't recommend them enough as great people and great trainers. If you don't go to these guys you are crazy.
Patricia catangui
Patricia Catangui
Had a great time! As a first-timer, I was nervous upon coming in but Lydia was amazing and made it a fun yet informative session. She talked me through expectations and made sure to understand my goals and habits thoroughly. While working out, we also discussed possible changes that might be needed in my lifestyle. This was especially appreciated, as Lydia helped brainstorm on how to make these changes enjoyable and sustainable (rather than forcing changes that won't stick long-term). Overall, it felt like working out with a friend while also being both thoughtful and challenging. Would definitely come again!
Lola gonzález
Lola González
I love it!
Anya olirya
Anya Olirya
great personal training studio
Chloe c
Chloe C
Great session
Andrey roussev
andrey roussev
Awesome gym with great trainers
Cansu kabar
Cansu Kabar
Diana lukjanciuk
Diana Lukjanciuk
It was a great training experience. The way forward for sure. Michal was very helpful, and great in general, it would be lovely to work with him in the future. The studio is very inspiring like a little laboratory to make your body fit.
Gissa izadi
Gissa Izadi
I have been trying to buy PT sessions for my husband’s bday for a week now. I called few times until a guy finally called me back. I explained to him that I need the gift receipt before my husband’s bday. He told me he will send me the link and after a week this has not happened yet! Its my husband’s bday tomorrow and I haven’t got him anything because of the unreliable customer service of this place! If this is the level of the customer service at the front desk I have doubts about the whole institution now!
The best personal studio in the area. Not only is it in a great location, the trainers and ethos are spot on. Lost 4kg in a month and feel great!
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